Music education (via public and private programs) works. As a product of both worlds, I experienced the benefits of supportive yet challenging teachers, and thus strive to instill an admirable work ethic and love of music in all of my students. As a Suzuki-certified instructor (pre-Twinkle through Book 4), I start students on the violin as early as age 4, and as late as age 84!

As Director of the Rainbow Strings Violin Program (East Cleveland, OH) I work with students in small and large group settings to establish the fundamentals of violin technique, pitch, and rhythm, while also emphasizing character-building that accompanies playing in an ensemble of peers. 

Aside from violin-centric instruction, my colleagues and I frequently create performance-lectures and one-hour recital programs intended to enrich the lives of those in healthcare environments. I work with memory care units, rehabilitation homes, and hospital arts and medicine programs to provide uniquely designed performances of all kinds. Recurring and long-term clients in the northeast Ohio area include the Cleveland Clinic, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and Montefiore, among others. 

Contact Ariel at for information regarding information on instruction and musical outreach.